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PEO for Startups: How It Can Help Your Business Thrive

Highlights As a startup founder, every minute counts: your schedule is jam-packed, and you have no time or energy for HR headaches. You know your business inside and out, but navigating complexities like payroll, benefits, and compliance steals precious hours and might feel overwhelming. That’s where a PEO for startups swoops in, becoming your time-saving […]


PEO for Nonprofits: 5 Benefits for Your Organization

Highlights Nonprofit organizations face unique HR challenges: They need to stay competitive in attracting and retaining talent and navigate complex regulations. All this, while operating on limited budgets and resources. With so many things to handle, it might be hard to focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission. That’s where a PEO — short for Professional […]


Safety and Loss Prevention 101: What You Need to Know

Highlights Companies are exposed to many risks, from security data breaches to fraud or workplace accidents or injuries. These events not only can affect your employees’ well-being, but they can also cost your business money and time to solve, and eventually harm your business’s reputation. However, there’s a way of being one step ahead: having […]

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Remote and Hybrid Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

Before COVID-19, only 33% of companies managed a remote team.[1] However, as many businesses have experienced, working remote, or creating a hybrid workplace, has become the “new normal.” In a May 2021 Remote Work and Compensation Pulse Survey,[2] 48% of [...]

Young, female employee shares feedback with her manager

Receiving Feedback as a Leader and Setting the Example

Part of being a successful leader is knowing how to give and take feedback. Receiving honest, constructive feedback from your employees will help build and maintain trust and ensure your employees feel valued. So much so that leaders that asked [...]

Former employee fills out unemployment benefits application for compensation.

Unemployment Benefits Claims and Contesting

In today’s economic climate, companies are working hard to strengthen their bottom line and financial standing. One potential necessary and costly area of business to consider is unemployment claims. The U.S. unemployment insurance system has been in place since the [...]

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Four Ways to Boost Cyber Security for 2022

According to INTERPOL, “cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing [crimes]” and continues to be just as serious as other crimes committed around the world.   For business owners, cyber security should remain top-of-mind in terms of policies and procedures that [...]

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5 Technology Trends for 2021

Technology is a booming industry, especially for businesses across the globe that were coerced to shift to a remote work environment due to COVID-19. Many businesses in the technology sector have taken advantage of this transition and have developed innovative [...]

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Understanding and Supporting Multigenerational Workforces

Today’s workforce spans five generations: traditionalists, baby boomers, Generations X, Y, and Z. Each generation comprises distinctive communication styles, motivations, and approaches to work. By understanding each generation’s unique needs and how to support those needs can help employers adapt [...]

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Cannabis: Workers’ Compensation and Health Considerations

The cannabis industry is starting to boom. Oftentimes people think of the cannabis industry as brick-and-mortar establishments that customers physically visit. However, tremendous efforts go into the agricultural work to sustaining the cannabis industry. And like any other agricultural work, [...]

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Helping Employees Attain Their New Year’s Goals

2020 was a rollercoaster. Given the COVID-19 crisis, the election year, and the day-to-day stresses that come with work and regular life outside of adapting to our new ways of life in these ever-changing times, you can expect to see [...]

Boosting Employee Appreciation

At 87% of recognition programs, years of service is the most common form of employee recognition.[1] However, employee appreciation can be delivered in various ways. While years of service is not a bad way to recognize and demonstrate employee appreciation, [...]

A woman, wearing a mask, watering some cannabis plants

Onboarding and Training for the Cannabis Industry: Turning New Hires into Experts

The surge of open jobs and hiring needs created by the widespread legalization of marijuana has left many employers ill-equipped to handle onboarding and training on such a large scale, especially those without an HR specialist. To make matters worse, [...]

Fall Safety Tips 2020

2020 has certainly been nothing short of eventful. As social isolation and uncertainty of the ongoing COVID situation, it should come as no surprise that everyone is going a little stir crazy. Fall is a time that brings people together, [...]

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Cannabis: What’s Old Is New Again

By James Tehrani If you would have asked a young James Tehrani in the ’80s what two things would never change, I might have said the cool fashion trends of the day and that pot would always be illegal. OK, [...]