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News & Insights

PEO for Startups: How It Can Help Your Business Thrive

Highlights As a startup founder, every minute counts: your schedule is jam-packed, and you have no time or energy for HR headaches. You know your business inside and out, but navigating complexities like payroll, benefits, and compliance steals precious hours and might feel overwhelming. That’s where a PEO for startups swoops in, becoming your time-saving […]


PEO for Nonprofits: 5 Benefits for Your Organization

Highlights Nonprofit organizations face unique HR challenges: They need to stay competitive in attracting and retaining talent and navigate complex regulations. All this, while operating on limited budgets and resources. With so many things to handle, it might be hard to focus on fulfilling your organization’s mission. That’s where a PEO — short for Professional […]


Safety and Loss Prevention 101: What You Need to Know

Highlights Companies are exposed to many risks, from security data breaches to fraud or workplace accidents or injuries. These events not only can affect your employees’ well-being, but they can also cost your business money and time to solve, and eventually harm your business’s reputation. However, there’s a way of being one step ahead: having […]

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Tax Changes Could Impact Employee Benefits or the Bottom Line

  Recent changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act taking effect this year have created tough decisions for small and medium sized businesses. Differences in business deductions mean business owners may want to reevaluate the benefits they offer employees. [...]

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Congratulations to Jill Hannigan!

  Jill Hannigan, our VP of Human Resources, was recently nominated by Crain’s Detroit Business for their 2019 Notable Women in HR initiative. This program is designed to honor women who are outstanding in their field through various successes in [...]

Interview: What to include in a Social Media Policy

Businesses are on high alert for issues related to their brands online and they need to be. Reputations take years to build and just minutes to destroy. The potential damage to an organization’s reputation from customers or irresponsible employees can [...]

Your Quick Guide to FMLA

What Employers Need to Know Employers frequently have questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act, including which employees are eligible? What events qualify under the act? How long can the employee take leave for? How do you handle FMLA [...]

Congratulations Denise!

AccessPoint is proud to recognize the recent achievements of our Business Development Manager in Cape Coral, Florida: Denise Perchall. Denise was honored this past month at the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman’s Gala and Board Installation & 30th Anniversary. [...]

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AccessPoint expands to Jackson Center, OH

To expand our footprint and meet growing demands, AccessPoint is proud to announce the opening of our new recruiting office in the growing community of Jackson Center, Ohio. Under the leadership of Shelley Mitchell, our Vice President of Operations, the [...]

Three Ways to Promote Better Work-Life Balance

American workers are struggling with work-life balance. Studies show that nearly 90 percent of employees believe that a lack of work-life balance is an issue, and more than 50 percent believe it is a serious problem. There is a better [...]

New Year, New (HR) Laws

January 1st marked the beginning of new and revised laws throughout states across the country. Here are some updates to take note of as you and your team transitions into 2019. Minimum Wage Increases The following states increased minimum wages [...]

Discussion: How to Approach Cannabis in the Workplace

What does cannabis legalization in MI mean for businesses? Check out the latest episode of “Small Talks with Mark S. Lee”, a podcast for small businesses, featuring our very own Greg Packer, CEO & Chairman of AccessPoint. In this episode, [...]

3 Detroit families receive much needed vehicles from nonprofit

AccessPoint and our leadership has always had a close relationship with our friends,  Vehicles for Change. This holiday season they are continuing their powerful work, featured by the Detroit Free Press who covered a story about 3 Detroit families. 3 Detroit [...]

Preparing for Legalized Marijuana in Michigan

When Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved recreational marijuana, they began what will be a long series of changes in the state. While governments will be the most publicly affected by these changes, businesses will have to adapt, too. Along with government [...]

Paid Sick Leave, Minimum Wage and Your Business

Earlier this year, the group Michigan Time to Care started a ballot initiative to provide paid sick leave and raise the state’s minimum wage. The proposal received enough signatures to have a place on the ballot in November. However, the [...]