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What Is a Tuition Assistance Program? 5 Benefits for Employers

Highlights A competitive benefits package can be a powerful magnet for attracting new talent and boosting long-term engagement. One often underrated benefit is a tuition assistance program. This not only empowers employees to pursue their education goals, but it also benefits your company by encouraging the development of valuable, transferable skills. Considering tuition assistance for […]


5 Strategies to Prevent Common Workplace Injuries

Highlights In 2022 alone, work-related injuries claimed the lives of 15 U.S. workers every day. And that’s not all. A staggering 2.8 million workers suffer nonfatal workplace injuries every year, often caused by falls, electrocution, or being struck by objects. However, with a proactive approach, you can prevent common workplace injuries and build a safer […]


PEO for Startups: How It Can Help Your Business Thrive

Highlights As a startup founder, every minute counts: your schedule is jam-packed, and you have no time or energy for HR headaches. You know your business inside and out, but navigating complexities like payroll, benefits, and compliance steals precious hours and might feel overwhelming. That’s where a PEO for startups swoops in, becoming your time-saving […]

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Be Mindful of Working Parents

It’s that time of year again; back-to-school season has arrived. For seasoned parents, this routine is boiled down to a science, with factors like before and after school care, activities, and sick days being accounted for. With these in mind, [...]

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How to: Support Employees Affected by Natural Disasters

Businesses across the country feel the negative effect of natural disasters every year. Hurricanes, flash floods, tornadoes, and wildfires are among the worst types of natural disasters that affect our country every year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric [...]

Hiring People with Disabilities

As our society becomes more aware of various disabilities among the population such as autism, dyslexia, or cerebral palsy, employers must adapt and be open to hiring these types of individuals. The modern workplace still has a long way to [...]

Prioritize Professional Development

Prioritize Professional Development!

Today, investing in reliable, qualified employees for your business’s team is paramount. Once you’ve recruited, hired, and onboarded the right employee, it’s easy to become complacent among the flurry of tasks that bog down your management team’s day to day [...]

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10 Tips to Engage New Employees

Congratulations! You’ve hired a new employee! Time to sit back, relax, and get back to work right? Wrong! Hiring is simply the first step in a long list of important items to consider during your onboarding process. Onboarding doesn’t end [...]

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IRS Reveals New W-4 Form Draft

In lieu of recent criticisms concerning the complexity of form W-4, aka an Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, the IRS released a modified version in draft form at the end of May 2019. After being open to public comment, they intend [...]

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New DC Legislation Protects Tipped Employees

Last June, the District of Columbia Council repealed a law that motioned to increase minimum wage for tipped workers. They countered with legislation that now aims to protect these employees from any wage-related abuse. Far too often are tipped workers [...]

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How can a PEO can help your Startup?

Starting a business is no easy task. The range of possibilities for new opportunities in today’s modern world is staggering, particularly with the presence of consistently evolving technology. Small business owners are constantly under pressure to achieve short term goals [...]

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6 Ways to Improve Mental Health at Work

In lieu of Mental Health Awareness month, we identified major factors that contribute to poor mental health and came up with initiatives you (as an employer) can take to cultivate a positive, supportive environment for your employees. Mental health is [...]

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Three Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

In an increasingly competitive job market, employees no longer judge career opportunities based solely on compensation and benefits. Workplace culture is now more important than ever. No, a ping-pong table and fancy lattes alone aren’t going to be the answer, [...]

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Interns: Do you need to pay them or not?

Paying interns is a relatively new concept. Years ago, internships were more commonly known as apprenticeships and potential candidates considered it an honor to be chosen to learn and work alongside seasoned experts. At the end of the experience, they [...]

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Pro’s and Con’s of HSAs and FSAs

  Health care benefits are improving as employers seek to attract and retain the best talent in a competitive job market. Savvy employers are offering more options to keep them ahead of the curve. Health Savings (HSA) and Flex Spending [...]