4 Reasons a Professional Employer Organization Can Help Businesses

4 Reasons a Professional Employer Organization Can Help Businesses

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Entrepreneurial company leaders simply don’t have time to do everything. Which is why a professional employer organization, or PEO, will help you grow and stay complaint as you grow.

A PEO provides comprehensive human resources and compliance services to small- and medium-sized businesses. Think payroll, benefits, employer risk and employee management. If you’re still unsure whether your organization could benefit from a PEO, keep reading.

Here are the top reasons why it might be time for your business to use a professional employer organization:

Reduce recurring costs

You’re likely looking to cut costs wherever possible; a PEO can help lower the cost of doing business. PEOs consolidate the cost and compliance responsibilities of many employers into a large professionally managed pool, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Partnering with a PEO provides you with a dedicated HR (Human Resources) team, Benefits Team, and Payroll Team that can help you secure better employee benefits for reduced costs, typically better workers’ compensation options, and take responsibility for tax and payroll processing compliance.

Relieve pressure from complicated HR needs

HR professionals are expensive, so it is rare to have an in-house HR team. A PEO eliminates the need to hire an in-house HR expert, with the added benefit of access to a diverse collection of experts. Working with a PEO will help you handle performance management, employee investigations, recruiting technology, and employee policies and procedures.

Is your business reworking its current policies to create a hybrid workplace in a post- pandemic world? A PEO can help with that, too. The average company could save around $11,000 per employee if it moved to a hybrid work plan, according to a recent study by Global Workplace Analytics.

No more navigating or learning rapidly changing regulations

Regulations for employers change rapidly at both a local and federal level. While it’s always best to stay up to date on rules and regulations related to your business, working with a PEO can take some of this burden off your shoulders. Working with experts focused on thousands of employees and hundreds of worksites adds value for a smaller growing employer.

A PEO has access to compliance experts as well, helping you create strategies for your organization to address changing requirements. At the end of the day, this expertise can help you avoid labor- or tax-based lawsuits, which can be incredibly costly: A typical employment lawsuit could cost your company up to $200,000.

Mitigate any claims issues

A PEO can help protect your business and prevent any claims from being made. If, for any reason, a claim is filed against your company, a PEO can help mitigate the process for you. Many PEOs provide much more cost-effective access to Employment Practices Liability Insurance than independent alternatives. This access is due to the fact that carriers recognize the risk management expertise a PEO provides, along with the pooling value.

Making sure your company is compliant on the workplace safety front, managing any claims and employing professional training, and reducing the likelihood of claims are all within the scope of work of a professional employer organization. The average cost of a workers’ comp claim is $40,000, according to the National Safety Council.

A PEO will help your business in many ways. It is paramount that you have a well- rounded team of experts focused on employee-related compliance, so you can keep your focus on growing your business. Make the decision today to protect your business tomorrow.

AccessPoint provides a single, go-to system for managing all your human resource- related needs. It’s simple to start, affordable and streamlines your infrastructure to a point where you don’t even notice that all those pesky administrative tasks exist. Our team of experts can handle all required compliance, tax filing and reporting for you, making it easier to focus on the things that matter to you.

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