Cannabis and HR Challenges

Cannabis and HR Challenges

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A major topic in human resources departments in businesses across the country is either employee cannabis use or how to integrate professional HR practices into the existing cannabis industry. As managing human resources can be a challenge for any business, regardless of size, business owners who specialize in cannabis may face any number of HR-related complications.

Specific HR Technology

Business owners, industry differences aside, find HR management and administration to be an overwhelming piece of the business. Employers who are still using a manual approach (pen and paper) to human resources are better off switching to an HR-focused technology platform.

This software will help streamline administrative tasks, allow for open communication and collaboration across the department and leadership team, help manage employee onboarding, and improve employee retention.

HR technology is available to businesses of any size with a range of functionality that business owners can opt-into with the goal of improving HR-related duties overall.

Hiring a Proficient HR Person or Team

One of the biggest mistakes a cannabis business can make is deciding to manage all the human resources administration without hiring an HR professional. Some businesses may opt to enlist the help of HR management services. From strictly HR administration to regulatory compliance, an HR professional or team will ensure the business keeps running smoothly, without any setbacks as far as recruiting, documentation and the employee handbook, or regulatory compliance.

Business owners should be able to focus on running the business, executing the business plan, and growing the customer base. A dedicated HR professional will be able to take on all people management-related tasks including training, hiring, and employee development.

Industry Regulations and Compliance

Business owners may quickly find that hiring employees is not as easy as they had anticipated. Many qualified candidates may come with history or experience in largely unregulated industries, including technology. These individuals, unfortunately, are not prepared for the rigorous regulations applied to the cannabis industry. Instead, recruiters are finding quality candidates from other regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, liquor, and nutrition.

The cannabis industry has already started to develop into a professional industry to serve customers with specific needs and service expectations. This type of business requires business owners to become more focused on front-end operations, rather than worrying about day-to-day HR administration.

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