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AccessPoint, the leading Florida provider in high-level employment-related services for various industries and organizations across the country, offers payroll, comprehensive human resources options, and everything in between to fit the needs of any business, regardless of size.

AccessPoint, your trusted Florida PEO, proudly offers a full range of services to benefit employee leasing companies in Florida with a goal of helping to fill administrative positions, manage Florida payroll, hiring and training.

Florida payroll services include:
Prepare and file taxes
Access to robust reporting
Real-time payroll processing
Elimination of hidden compliance costs

Our Florida PEO gives businesses not only the preferred method for processing payroll for employee leased companies, but an easy way to access top of the line employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and human resources services.

Regardless of where your business is in the great state of Florida, AccessPoint, your local PEO provider is ready to help your employees access high-quality employee benefits, Florida workers’ compensation plans, and rewrite or construct an employee handbook that meets the needs of your Florida employees.

Originally, when AccessPoint went to market, our primary concern was addressing the needs of Florida-based organizations, and bringing our core solutions to their employees. This included payroll, recruiting, full-service HR, and benefits administration.

Conveniently centered in Bonita Springs, our Florida PEO office allows businesses just like your to reap the benefits of a local Florida payroll processor. This eliminates payroll delays, ensures employees are able to pick-up paper checks, if necessary, and they can rest assured that a local organization is managing their funds.

A local team of experts will assist your organization in understanding the ever-changing Florida tax and compliance laws, along with implementing federal items that may also impact the business. Beyond payroll, Florida businesses are able to get assistance with onboarding and offboarding, time and labor management, applicant tracking, and claims administration.



Bonita Springs Office

24311 Walden Center Ste 100
Bonita Springs, FL 34134

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