WJR Interview with Greg Packer

WJR Interview with Greg Packer

Greg Packer with Jack Krasula on WJR

Our CEO, Greg Packer, sat down with Jack Krasula on his show Anything is Possible! on WJR.  Greg and Jack talked about several items including growing up in Detroit and founding two businesses including AccessPoint.

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“Anything is Possible” is a weekly radio show hosted by Jack Krasula on a 50,000 watt station, WJR AM-760, “The Great Voice of the Great Lakes.”

Each one-hour show features a distinguished guest who shares their story of overcoming simple beginnings and many obstacles in their life to realize what most would term unachievable dreams. In addition, each guest will discuss the driving force that led them to greatness and how this journey has evolved into giving back to the community.


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  • Ernie Banks
  • Jack Canfield
  • Lou Holtz
  • Senator John McCain
  • Roger Staubach
  • Rick Wagoner
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