Sarah Pease Recognized as Teacher of the Semester

Sarah Pease Recognized as Teacher of the Semester

Every semester AccessPoint recognizes an outstanding teacher for going above and beyond to help their school and students. This semester recipient is Sarah Pease, a teacher at Calhoun Community High School in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Sarah Pease is in her second year at CCHS.  She came to CCHS midway through the 2016-17 school year. It is difficult enough to teach at an alternative high school, but to start mid-year as your first ever teaching job without the luxury of the summer and fall professional development and little time to prepare lessons is in itself a great task.  But Sarah has not only done that, she has also already taken on some leadership responsibilities.

At CCHS we are really focusing on Blended Learning and Flipping the Classroom to try and reach our chronically absent students.  Not only has Sarah grabbed onto these concepts, but she is really the “go to” person in the building when others need support.  Sarah’s data also bears out that even though students may miss too much school, they can either recover their credits with the Flipped Classroom concept as well as get the instruction and lessons because of her Blended Learning opportunities.

Today’s learners are far from “traditional.”  They crave technology and relevancy.  Sarah has done an excellent job in instilling both of these into her lessons, and as such is very deserving of this award.

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