New Year, New (HR) Laws

New Year, New (HR) Laws

January 1st marked the beginning of new and revised laws throughout states across the country. Here are some updates to take note of as you and your team transitions into 2019.

Minimum Wage Increases

The following states increased minimum wages for employees effective January 1st, 2019:

Alaska: $9.89
Arizona: $11.00
Arkansas: $7.25 – $9.25
California: $12.00*
Colorado: $11.10
Florida: $8.46
Maine: $11.00
Massachusetts: $12.00
Minnesota: $9.86
Missouri: $8.60
Montana: $8.50
Nevada: TBD
New Jersey: $8.85
New York: $11.10 – $15.00*
Ohio: $8.55
Rhode Island: $10.50
South Dakota: $9.10
Vermont: $10.78
Washington: $12.00

The following states plan to increase minimum wages for employees later this year:

Delaware: $8.75
Illinois: TBD
Maryland: TBD
Michigan: $9.45
Oregon: $11 – 12.50*
Washington, DC: $14.00

*contingent on factors such as company size, revenue, etc.

Anti-Harassment Policy Changes

Preventing and eliminating harassment continued to be a major issue in workplaces across the country in 2018, emphasized by the momentum produced by the #MeToo movement across the world. According to the EEOC, “Charges filed with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment increased by 13.6% from fiscal year 2017…The EEOC recovered nearly $70 million for the victims of sexual harassment through administrative enforcement and litigation in FY 2018, up from $47.5 million in FY 2017.”

California, Delaware, New York, and Washington will be the first states in 2019 to establish mandates for employers attempts to reduce, eliminate, and prevent harassment. These requirements include mandatory enrollment in anti-harassment training programs for employers and employees.

What can I do?

It’s important to take preventative action in order to create a safe environment for your employees and avoid potential lawsuits. Need help getting started? Check out our webinar: “Preventing and Eliminating Harassment in the Workplace” hosted by AccessPoint’s VP of Human Resources, Jill Hannigan.

For a full list of updates to anti-harassment laws starting this month, see the links below to learn more.

New York Overtime Changes

New York is updating its overtime-exempt threshold for employers. The (outdated) federal overtime requirement for exempt employees is currently $23,660/year. New York has initiated the following changes to the overtime-exempt threshold:

New York State:

  • $43,264/year

New York City:

  • Less than 10 Employees: $52,650/year
  • Greater than or equal to 10 Employees: $58,500/year

Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester Counties:

  • $46,800/year

For the latest news and updates in HR, stay tuned here on our News & Insights Blog!


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