Michigan Spring Brings Potholes, Construction and Jobs

Michigan Spring Brings Potholes, Construction and Jobs

Construction cones

After winter in Michigan we have another season – commonly referred to as “construction season” – when drivers will see an influx of traffic cones and road flaggers helping them navigate the way to their destinations.

A bulk of construction is around road repairs, but more and more it’s also building and infrastructure construction causing traffic detours and slowdowns.

The Solution

To accommodate this influx of seasonal work, AccessPoint has a dedicated team of “road flaggers” ready to deploy and assist across the state and more flaggers are needed every day.

Hundreds of road flaggers assist with temporary traffic control during road construction projects, advising drivers when it’s safe to drive slowly or stop.

The work can be grueling, but lucrative. Road flaggers often work 60+ hours a week during good weather and many work enough hours to make their years’ wages in just nine months.

Because hundreds of flaggers may move from location to location depending on job requirements, it’s no easy feat keeping them on track and get them safely where they need to be. That’s where the AccessPoint team of coordinators comes in.

Coordinators manage a complex call center to dispatch and shift crews across the state on a daily basis depending on weather and projects. Every day there are new requests coming in and the team works to field them flawlessly and keep the wheels of the entire operation running without a hitch.

While many traffic-flagging positions are returning staff from previous seasons, AccessPoint is expanding the operation into Indiana and Florida with a goal of offering flagging capabilities throughout the entire I-75 corridor. They plan to hire up to 150 full-time employees to accommodate the many new expected construction projects this year.

All employees require mandatory safety training, must have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and flexibility to work long hours.

For more information on traffic flagging positions, visit www.apteam.org/jobs or call 888-JOB-TEAM.

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