Funding Restored for Michigan Charter Schools

Funding Restored for Michigan Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Michigan experienced a significant win on December 20 with the restoration of $35 million in support funding for charter school students.

The bill, signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, reversed a veto that denied an increase for $240 per student back in October. This move was received with much praise and gratification from those in public office and in the charter school field as well.

The move came as a result of a massive rally of support from pro-Charter School supporters, including parents, teachers, school officials, and students. The response was centered largely around the fact that students should not be taken advantage of and used as “political pawns” in legislative actions.

This is great news for all of our Charter School Clients in the Michigan area. We will continue to support your missions and visions for the betterment of your students, staff, and communities.

Check out the full story here on MI Charters.

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