CEO Greg Packer featured in Free Press Sunday Column

CEO Greg Packer featured in Free Press Sunday Column

Our CEO, Greg Packer, was featured in Susan Tompor’s Sunday Personal Finance column.

He discusses with her the difficulties in finding qualified candidates for open jobs, a major concern for employers across the state.

“There’s nobody you’d want to hire that isn’t currently working,” said Greg Packer, CEO of AccessPoint in Farmington Hills, which offers staffing, recruiting and human resources outsourcing services.

Many times, Packer joked, you hope someone had a bad day on the job so they might be motivated to move to another employer.

He said employers can have a tough time filling jobs for all sorts of fields — including welders, teachers, accountants and jobs in the tech-related fields.

Packer saw two reasons for the competitive job scene in Michigan. First, many people left Michigan during the Great Recession because they could not find a job here and they never moved back. Second, many younger people didn’t see a strong employment future in the state when they obtained their college degrees so they moved elsewhere.

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