AccessPoint is a proud member of the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC)

AccessPoint is a proud member of the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC)

AccessPoint takes pride in being a member of the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC). ESAC is an organization that provides financial assurance to its members, ensuring their customers’ funds are protected. To become a member of ESAC, a business must undergo a rigorous application process that includes reviewing their financial statements, customer contracts, and insurance policies. Once approved, members are required to maintain certain financial standards and undergo annual audits to ensure compliance.

One of the main benefits of ESAC membership is the added credibility it provides. Being a member of ESAC shows that a business is committed to financial responsibility and customer protection. This can be especially important in the employment services industry, where clients may be wary of working with unknown companies.

In addition to increased credibility, ESAC membership can also lead to increased business opportunities. Some clients may require their employment services provider to be a member of ESAC, giving members a competitive advantage.

Another benefit is access to ESAC’s legal and financial resources. Members can receive guidance on compliance with state and federal regulations, and assistance with financial management and risk assessment.

Finally, ESAC membership can provide peace of mind to both members and their clients. ESAC’s financial assurance program ensures that clients’ funds are protected, even in the event of a member’s insolvency. This can give clients confidence in their choice of employment services provider, and members can rest easy knowing that their clients’ funds are secure.

Becoming a member of ESAC, can offer a number of benefits to businesses in the employment services industry. From increased credibility to access to legal and financial resources, ESAC membership has helped businesses, like AccessPoint, thrive in a competitive marketplace giving business owners the assurance they need to move forward with partnering with a PEO.

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