6 Reasons Charter Schools can benefit from outsourcing HR.

6 Reasons Charter Schools can benefit from outsourcing HR.

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Managing the human resources functions of a school can be a time consuming and frustrating task. The time and money that it usually takes to find a qualified HR professional can be costly for a school constantly looking to reinvest in its students.

This is where outsourcing the HR function can be beneficial. A human resources firm specializes in employee-related tasks that can be costly and complicated for an employer.

Here are a few reasons that a school should consider outsourcing.

Broader Service Team. Having the expertise of a full staff on hand made up of hundreds of in-house professionals, each a specialist in their field, coordinated through a primary service representative to meet the unique needs of each school.

Superior Benefits. A staffing team can offer substantial economies of scale to drive down costs while improving benefits and services such as retirement plans, life, dental, vision and other. By pooling staff into a single health insurance program, firms can offer premium “large group” rates and coverage, even to schools with fewer than 50 employees.

Local Presence. Unlike a major management corporation, partial management means having local people, local culture, local service by a staff that has “seen it all” and knows how to respond quickly. It’s “self-management simplified.”

Accreditation. AccessPoint is the only Michigan HR Services firm to meet the requirements for accreditation from the Employer Services Assurance Corporation. This is the “gold standard” for professional HR firms providing peace of mind that financial, ethical and operational standards are upheld.

Charter School Accounting Services. Because staff related costs managed by HR are often the largest part of the school’s budget, having internal teams with working knowledge of charter school finance systems to report, track and manage costs within a provides a higher degree of accuracy, ease-of-use, and efficiency.

Decision-Making Ability. Teachers and administrators have the freedom to make decisions to positively impact their students and community. School Boards choose their own destiny by managing their unique school.

Having a partner that is skilled, experienced and accountable can make the difference between just getting the job done and getting the job done the right way the first time.

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