4 Ways to Prove Your Employer Hired the Right Person

4 Ways to Prove Your Employer Hired the Right Person

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Congratulations, you’ve landed the job! You’ve passed the first interview round and employment is yours, but there are more interviews to nail. From the first day at your new job, your boss and coworkers will be looking for signs that they made the right decision in hiring you and you need to prove them right.

Set the tone by following these workplace etiquette guidelines.

Embrace Company Values, Norms, and Culture

When you understand your workplace, your work will improve significantly. The norms, such as taking personal calls during work hours vs. waiting until you’re on break, set the tone and culture that employers want to have. These principles help you make important decisions about the way you conduct yourself at work. When your values and goals are different than your employers this can create an imbalance and can work against the core mission of the company. Embrace the company culture and try to follow the norms and values your leaders have set.

Evaluate Your Job Performance as if You Were the Employer

Think about the work you are doing as if you were the owner of the company. Are you an integral part of the team, or are you replaceable? Would you give a raise to someone who performs as you do? Learn your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve them. Personal growth is a great way to feel accomplished with your work, which in turn makes you happier with your job. If you’re unsure what you could improve on, have an honest conversation with your boss; they’ll appreciate your initiative and you’ll receive valuable feedback to grow.

Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

Having a positive attitude can affect many different variables in the workplace from productivity, decision making, stress management and teamwork. A positive attitude can help you be more efficient and develop positive relationships with your coworkers. Good workplace relationships establish positive energy, makes work a pleasure and helps everyone achieve their goals.

Maintain Good Attendance

Being punctual demonstrates you’re serious about the position you accepted. Thinking that being 15 minutes late is OK and that you’ll stay late to make it up, is where many employees go wrong. When you’re late you can set the entire team behind and it can waste company resources. Being a team player means being dependable which a crucial factor for workplace success. Of course, things happen, so make sure you’re always communicating with your boss.

Remember you got the job for a reason and it’s important to prove your worth each day. Taking pride in your work will help you succeed.

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