Remote and Hybrid Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

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Before COVID-19, only 33% of companies managed a remote team.[1] However, as many businesses have experienced, working remote, or creating a hybrid workplace, has become the “new normal.” In a May 2021 Remote Work and Compensation Pulse Survey,[2] 48% of employees reported a desire to be fully remote and 44% reported a desire for a […]

5 Technology Trends for 2021

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Technology is a booming industry, especially for businesses across the globe that were coerced to shift to a remote work environment due to COVID-19. Many businesses in the technology sector have taken advantage of this transition and have developed innovative solutions to reduce COVID-19 exposure and support remote work arrangements. Here are five technology trends […]

Understanding and Supporting Multigenerational Workforces

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Today’s workforce spans five generations: traditionalists, baby boomers, Generations X, Y, and Z. Each generation comprises distinctive communication styles, motivations, and approaches to work. By understanding each generation’s unique needs and how to support those needs can help employers adapt to current and emerging generations. Supporting Multigenerational Workforces Breakdown of workforce by generation Traditionalists (1925-1945) […]

Boosting Employee Appreciation

At 87% of recognition programs, years of service is the most common form of employee recognition.[1] However, employee appreciation can be delivered in various ways. While years of service is not a bad way to recognize and demonstrate employee appreciation, 58% of employees believe receiving recognition from leaders would improve their engagement.[2] Additionally, companies experience […]

Fall Safety Tips 2020

2020 has certainly been nothing short of eventful. As social isolation and uncertainty of the ongoing COVID situation, it should come as no surprise that everyone is going a little stir crazy. Fall is a time that brings people together, as the weather cools and season changes people are looking to engage in their autumn […]

Protecting Employees from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds.[1] Unfortunately, times of crises oftentimes create ample opportunity for cybercriminals to target vulnerable populations. While data breaches and cyberattacks continually make headlines, businesses should be taking extra precaution with regard to benefits providers. Because many benefits providers are preparing for a virtual open enrollment, reliance on electronic access and remote […]

Stress and Anxiety Toolkit for Employers

As one can only imagine, COVID-19 has impacted the world on personal and professional levels. In the wake of COVID-19, a mental health pandemic has emerged. With shifting workplace conditions and employee responsibilities, employees may be experiencing increased levels of mental health issues, such as stress, anxiety, substance use, and other personal issues that negatively […]

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are becoming trending HR topics for 2020. From investing in regular sensitivity trainings and adequate resources to forward-thinking solutions and implementing proper policies and procedures, diversity and inclusion can evolve with your business and the times. Download quick tips for addressing diversity and inclusion in the office infographic. For […]

Preparing for Employees’ Return to Work

Michigan was one of only a few states to extend their stay-at-home order past the nationwide recommendation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, as the state prepares to re-open and businesses must prepare their employees for return to work. Some best practices and policies to consider include offering or extending remote work arrangements, […]

Benefits of Tuition Assistance

There are many benefits that employees look for in employers, including 401(k) plans, paid time off, sick leave, remote and alternative work arrangement options, maternity leave, and health insurance. One underrated benefit is tuition assistance. This can help not only the employee further their education, but also benefits you as the employer in encouraging continued […]