Referral Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Referral Program FAQs

  • How much is the referral benefit?
    • The benefit is based on the number of employees on the first payroll run for services:
      • $50 per employee
      • $10,000 maximum per referral
  • Who can receive the referral benefit?
    • Internal AcessPoint Employees
    • Current AccessPoint Clients
    • Strategic Trusted Advisors and other partners
    • Business contacts who complete the referral form
  • How will I receive my referral benefit?
    • AccessPoint will send a check to the mailing address provided on the referral form 30 days after the first payroll is run for the referred company. If you are an AccessPoint client already, then we can have your check delivered by your HR Manager.
  • How do I refer someone?
  • What type of companies will count for the referral benefit?
    • The referral benefit is paid for companies who meet the acceptable AccessPoint client standards* and run their first payroll.
    • You can refer any company that you believe is a good fit. Our team will meet with them and confirm that we can be a successful partner.
  • How do I know if my referral became a client?
    • We will notify you on the first payroll run date with an official referral program thank you email. After you receive this, you should expect to receive the benefit within 30 days or sooner.
  • Do I receive the referral benefit for companies who do not become clients?
    • No, we value all leads given to us through the program, but we will only pay the referral benefit based on the number of employees on the first payroll run.
  • Which AccessPoint services count for this program?

*The typical business size for our limitations would be more than 5 employees, but we will evaluate each referral individually.

Spread the Word

We believe that our clients and partners value our solutions so we have created a program to pay them back for spreading the word.

Make up to $10,000 in referral benefits!