Three Ways to Promote Better Work-Life Balance

American workers are struggling with work-life balance. Studies show that nearly 90 percent of employees believe that a lack of work-life balance is an issue, and more than 50 percent believe it is a serious problem. There is a better way. Maintaining balance between work and a fulfilling personal life is a major challenge for […]

New Year, New (HR) Laws

January 1st marked the beginning of new and revised laws throughout states across the country. Here are some updates to take note of as you and your team transitions into 2019. Minimum Wage Increases The following states increased minimum wages for employees effective January 1st, 2019: Alaska: $9.89 Arizona: $11.00 Arkansas: $7.25 – $9.25 California: $12.00* Colorado: $11.10 Florida: $8.46 […]

Discussion: How to Approach Cannabis in the Workplace

What does cannabis legalization in MI mean for businesses? Check out the latest episode of “Small Talks with Mark S. Lee”, a podcast for small businesses, featuring our very own Greg Packer, CEO & Chairman of AccessPoint. In this episode, Mark and Greg discuss the recent legalization of cannabis in the state of Michigan, and […]