Danielle Oster Recognized as Teacher of the Semester

Danielle Oster

Every semester AccessPoint Educational HR recognizes an outstanding teacher for going above and beyond to help their school and students. The winner of the 2018 Spring Semester is Danielle Oster, a teacher at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. We want to congratulate Danielle on her valuable work as a teacher and all the work or all […]

Heat Safety for Outdoor Workers

Our Safety and Risk Manager, Scott Van Den Bosch, sat down with Detroit Channel 7 to share what workers should do outside as the weather begins to heat up. Wear reflective clothing when appropriate and loose-fitting, light colors Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water Communicate with superiors/co-workers Take breaks when needed We work hard to […]

There’s No Best Time for Emergency Preparation . . . Except Right Now

Every day companies must prioritize dozens of projects and initiatives and often, emergency preparedness falls to the wayside in favor of more pressing issues. However, any organization that’s ever suffered a calamitous event would urge you to prepare as soon as possible. If your company is as busy as most, then it probably never seems […]

Independent Contractor vs. Employee

The Important Differences Between a 1099 vs. W-2 1099s and W-2s are two separate tax forms for two different types of workers. If you’re an independent contractor, you get a 1099 … As a W-2 employee, payroll taxes are automatically deducted from your paycheck, and then paid to the government through your employer Determining which to use A […]