5 Ways to Combat Negative Attitudes and Foster a Better Work Environment

A bad-tempered boss, bullies, deceitful colleagues, nagging or whiny co-workers … does any of this sound familiar? Negativity in the workplace can take a toll on employees, productivity, and your company’s bottom line. Often times other factors like workload, concerns about company leadership, perception of favoritism by management, anxiety about the future, workplace complacency and […]

6 Reasons Charter Schools can benefit from outsourcing HR.

Managing the human resources functions of a school can be a time consuming and frustrating task. The time and money that it usually takes to find a qualified HR professional can be costly for a school constantly looking to reinvest in its students. This is where outsourcing the HR function can be beneficial. A human […]

Jill Hannigan on Harassment in the Workplace

Jill Hannigan

AccessPoint’s Vice President of Human Resources, Jill Hannigan, spoke to Kristen Jordan Shamus of the Detroit Free Press on how companies can avoid and ways to deal with sexual harassment claims in the workplace. 5 things HR managers say about sexual harassment in #MeToo era The steamroller of sexual assault and harassment claims have left no industry […]

How Businesses Can Determine and Prevent Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Jill Hannigan

In today’s workplace, the way we behave and present ourselves is becoming closely scrutinized. Businesses may assume that everyone knows what “professional behavior” means, but the definition can vary widely from person to person. According to a study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s task force, it is the responsibility of business leaders to educate […]