6 Pros and Cons on Employee Benefits With Tax Reform

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Since Congress passed the largest tax reform legislation in 30 years, employers and employees are starting to realize the many ways the Act might affect them. The big news is that the corporate tax rate is being reduced from 35 to 21 percent. This reduction already has some companies offering higher wages and bonuses to […]

Understanding Your W2

Tax season is fast approaching, so the more you know, the less scary some of these forms can be. The key to understanding your W-2 is learning what each of the boxes and numbers means. Here at AccessPoint, we want you to be prepared to file your W-2 form because you can’t file your taxes without it. […]

The Leadership Equation to Avoiding Harassment Claims

How policy and culture combine to make for the optimal working environment. Workplace harassment. It’s becoming tougher and tougher to strike a balance between policies, what is considered appropriate behavior by all and still having a fun and fulfilling workplace that your employees look forward to going to everyday. Our Human Resources team recently outlined […]