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AccessPoint Benefits

AccessPoint concentrates on solutions and opportunities to streamline your employee needs.

As a facilitator of your staffing, we recruit, screen, qualify, and evaluate all potential employees. At the completion of each employee assessment, our AccessPoint Representatives match the skill level of the employee to your job requirements. When an employee has been selected, we administrate the entire process: payroll, employment supervision, client contact, on-the-job evaluations and much more.

AccessPoint Staffing Solutions

Temporary Positions include short-term, trial hire and long-term temporary assignments. These solutions offer you the opportunity to utilize AccessPoint employees for an indefinite period of time without committing to an exact hire date. Employees could work a week, a month or even a year, depending on your staffing requirements.

Trial Hires offer you the opportunity to evaluate an employee for a negotiated period of time while they perform the actual duties of a particular job. At the completion of the trial hire period, you can make an offer of employment to the employee or continue the trial hire relationship. This solution is cost effective and eliminates the cost of employee recruiting and turnover.

Direct Hires occur when AccessPoint matches an experienced employee with a high level of skill within a given discipline and/or someone with a specific degree with an existing job opening within your company.

AccessPoint’s Human Resource Administration services can help you reduce employee turnover and attract better employees by offering competitive benefits, consistent administrative services and professional human resource counsel.